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2024 Yamaha XSR 900 GP

2024 Yamaha XSR 900 GP

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Designed to evoke memories of the golden era, the XSR900 GP is the ultimate blend of heritage racing style combined with the latest in cutting-edge technology to offer a thrilling ride to stimulate the senses in a way like no other.
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2024 Yamaha XSR 900 GP Key Features

• EU5 890cc CP3 engine
• Deltabox Lightweight Aluminium Chassis
• Fully Adjustable KYB Suspension
• Bridgestone Battalx Hypersport S23 Tyres
• 6-Axis IMU plus lean-sensitive rider aids
• Retro design and styling
• Full LED lighting
• 5" TFT Retro Display
• Lightweight Spin Forged wheels
• 3rd Gen Quick Shifter
• Cruise Control system

Sophisticated EU5+ high-torque 890cc CP3 engine

The high torque 890cc CP3 engine combined with the light and
agile Deltabox chassis is perfect for the sportier riding position of the
XSR900 GP. The acoustic harmony of the triple cylinder roar heightens the
feeling of acceleration with every twist of the throttle, offering the
sportiest riding experience of the CP3 range.

Deltabox-style chassis with increased rigidity

Yamaha first introduced the Deltabox frame in their Grand
Prix bikes in the '80s – pioneering a new technology that shaped the future of
the sport production motorcycle. The Deltabox-style frame remains at the heart
of many Yamaha motorcycles to this day, including the XSR900 GP. To accommodate
the XSR900 GP’s sportier riding position, the chassis has been tuned to improve
stability in turning and increase front end feedback.

Yamaha Ride Control YRC and 6-axis IMU

The advanced, R1-derived 6-axis IMU controls the extensive
suite of rider aids, including Lean Sensitive Traction Control and ABS, Slide
Control, and front wheel Lift Control System among more. Yamaha Ride Control
allows you to select the engine power characteristic and level of intervention
from the lean sensitive rider aids to suit your preferences and road
conditions. Three pre-set integrated riding modes, 'SPORT', 'STREET' and
'RAIN', featuring factory settings with different intervention levels to suit
different conditions, are complemented with manually adjustable 'CUSTOM'

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