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2024 Yamaha Neo's

2024 Yamaha Neo's

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The Yamaha classic scooter goes electric! The way everybody moves around the city is undergoing a massive transformation as people turn away from congested public transport and look for a simple and accessible way to live, work and move in the city. Available in 3 different urban colourways.
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The Electric Motor

Smooth, quiet and efficient electric power.
Simple, stylish and easy to use, the NEO’s
electric scooter has the potential to transform the way you live and move in the city by making every journey smoother, easier and more enjoyable! NEO’s combines proven Yamaha quality
with low running costs and the many benefits of electric power.
Direct drive hub-mounted electric motor.
For maximum efficiency the NEO’s is equipped with the latest generation
Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) that features an air-cooled brushless electric motor located inside the rear wheel hub. This compact direct drive design eliminates the need for gears or
belts and ensures smooth running, strong acceleration and extremely quiet operation.

The Battery

Removable Yamaha lithium-ion
battery NEO’s is supplied with a single high density 50.4V/19.2Ah lithium-ion battery giving a range of 37km* – and range can be extended by purchasing an optional second battery. Located beneath the dual seat for easy access, the 8kg battery is designed to maintain a high level of efficiency for 1000 cycles/10,000km, and charging can be carried out with batteries fitted to the scooter or when removed. (*Tested in WMTC Class 1 in STD mode, Fully charged battery at a temperature of 25 degrees).

  • Battery fixation - Removable
  • Nominal power - 2.3kW @ 424 rpm
  • Battery type - Lithium ion
  • Maximum torque - 136.0Nm @ 50 rpm
  • Energy Consumption -(WMTC Class1) 31Wh/km
  • Battery dimension - 360mm(L)x215mm(D)x105mm(H)
  • Electric motor type- Excitation 3 phase synchronized motor
  • Charger type - Wall charger 220VAC; Output 58.8V, 3A
  • Maximum power - 2.5kW @ 400 rpm
  • 1st Battery Range - (WMTC Class 1) 37 km
  • 1st Battery Range, Eco mode 38.5 km: This range changes by place, riding style and
    battery degradation.
  • Charging time - (0-100%) 8 hours: Charging time may vary depending on the
    charging environment
  • 1st and 2nd Battery Range 68 km: This range changes by place, riding style and
    battery degradation.
  • Total number of battery packs installed - 1
  • Maximum number of battery packs - 2
  • Battery weight 8.0kg
  • Battery voltage - capacity 50.4V, 19.2Ah(5HR)
  • Charging time (20-80%) 4 hours: Depending on use conditions and battery
    degradation, charging time may change

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