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2024 Yamaha RayZR 125cc

2024 Yamaha RayZR 125cc

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Getting the best value for money is more important to you than ever before. And the sharp-looking RayZR scooter has been specially developed by Yamaha to provide affordable and reliable urban transportation that is always there for you.

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2024 Yamaha RayZR 125cc Key Features

• Lightest Yamaha scooter
• 125cc Blue Core engine
• Start & Stop
• LED lights and LCD instruments
• Unified Brake System
• Underseat storage space
• Comfortable riding position
• Dynamic motorcycle-style body design
• One-push start system

Light & Economical

Wherever you’re going it’s always good to travel light! Weighing just 99kg, the RayZR is Yamaha’s lightest scooter – making it one of the quickest and most enjoyable ways to move in the city. And its low weight also ensures quicker acceleration, greater agility and lower fuel consumption – as well as making it easy to push-walk when parking.

125cc Blue Core engine The RayZR is driven by the latest 125cc Yamaha Blue Core engine that provides responsive performance with low emissions and impressive fuel economy. And for faster acceleration from a standstill the RayZR is equipped with a special electrical Power Assist system that provides extra boost when you’re pulling away. Start & Stop system The eco-friendly Start & Stop system automatically shuts o the engine when you come to a stop at traffic lights or junctions, improving fuel consumption by up to 4%. Its innovative Smart Motor generator provides ultra-quiet engine starts – and it is also the key technology behind the special Power Assist system that gives you faster acceleration from a standstill.

Unified Braking System

For smooth and efficient stopping power the RayZR is fitted with a 190mm front disc brake and a rear drum brake. When the rear brake is applied alone, a portion of the front brake is activated. When both brakes are applied, Yamaha’s Unifed Brake System automatically balances the
front and rear braking power to help make a controlled stop.

Under Seat Storage

There’s a 21 litre under seat storage compartment that can accommodate a helmet depending on its shape and size – and the at footboard provides additional space for carrying groceries or a sports bag

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