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2024 Yamaha XSR 900

2024 Yamaha XSR 900

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The XSR900 holds its own on all routes, whether it is on those daydreaming twisty roads or the open straight, it feels at home doing both. Equipped with a modern electronics package that gives every rider an exceptional level of controllability in any type of situation. And with its sporty Quick Shifter as well as a relaxed Cruise Control, you can go as you please with this 3-cylinder muscle machine.
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2024 Yamaha XSR 900 Key Features

• 35kW A2 version also available
• Historic Yamaha Racing influenced design
• High quality details and premium materials
• Flexible and relaxed riding position
• Signature XSR LED lighting
• Modern take on historic colouring
• High performance brakes and suspension
• Sophisticated electronic rider controls
• Versatile high-torque EU5 CP3 890cc engine
• Lightweight Deltabox-style chassis, long swingarm
• QSS, Cruise Control, A&S clutch

Sophisticated EU5+ high-torque 890cc CP3 engine

Yamaha’s 890cc CP3 engine is the perfect match for the XSR900’s sporty and versatile
Deltabox chassis. Producing high levels of linear torque, this smooth and
controllable inline 3-cylinder engine is ready to deliver whatever style of
riding you feel like at the time. Gas it hard for thrilling adrenaline
performance, or let it pull at lower rpm in a higher gear when you want to take
it easy. And with its specially tuned intake and exhaust sound, every ride is
an aural experience. Rev or Relax, the choice is yours!

Lightweight Deltabox-style chassis, long swingarm

developed for Yamaha’s race bikes in the 1980s, Yamaha’s Deltabox frame design
is recognized for its combination of strength and lightness. The XSR900 is
equipped with the latest version of the Deltabox frame, and features walls of
different thickness that gives ‘tuned rigidity’ providing sporty and precise
handling with a higher level of feel and feedback. A new longer swingarm gives
the bike a relaxed and planted feel to suit its versatile character.

Yamaha Ride Control YRC and 6-axis IMU

The advanced, R1-derived 6-axis IMU controls the extensive
suite of rider aids, including Lean Sensitive Traction Control and ABS, Slide
Control, and front wheel Lift Control System among more. Yamaha Ride Control
allows you to select the engine power characteristic and level of intervention
from the lean sensitive rider aids to suit your preferences and road
conditions. Three pre-set integrated riding modes, 'SPORT', 'STREET' and
'RAIN', featuring factory settings with different intervention levels to suit
different conditions, are complemented with manually adjustable 'CUSTOM'

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