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Nolan Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon - Replica C. Davies Carbon

Nolan Nolan X-804 RS Ultra Carbon - Replica C. Davies Carbon

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Evolution of racing excellence, the flagship helmet of the new range Xseries: the X-804 RS Ultra Carbon. Born from the legacy of the X-803, this cutting-edge carbon masterpiece sets new standards in racing performance. Engineered for dedicated racers seeking unmatched strength, unparalleled safety, ultimate comfort, feather-light, and aerodynamic finesse. Its sleek, aggressive design commands attention on any track or road. An helmet inspired by great sporting achievements in MotoGP and Superbike; forged through the experience of our champions. The best-in-class in performance branded Nolan.

Carbon Fiber Dominance: The X-804 RS Ultra Carbon reigns supreme with its carbon fiber construction and 4 outer shells availability, offering unmatched durability, strength and fitting in this racing model.

Advanced NERS: Featuring an advanced version of the Nolan Emergency Release System (NERS), this helmet ensures swift and secure removal in critical situations, prioritizing your safety above all else; at same time, the traditional assemblying system simplifies the assembly and disassembly process without using hooks.

Safety Visor Lock System: This helmet guarantees that your visor remains securely in place during intense racing conditions preventing the risk of accidentally visor opening at high speeds.

Camel Bag Predisposition: The X-804 is prepared to keep you hydrated during extended races, ensuring peak performance on the track.

LAF - The Liner Adjustable Fitting allows the rider to perfectly adjust the internal padding depending on the head shape maximizing the internal comfort whilst wearing the X-804.

RAF: The exclusive Racing Air Flow system optimizes ventilation for racing conditions, keeping you cool and focused even at high speeds.

RAS: The Racetrack Aerodynamic Spoiler enhances aerodynamic efficiency, contributing to the helmet's remarkable performance on the racetrack. Its shape has been designed to maximize the aerodynamics performance after several CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) simulations.

  • Carbon fibre outer shell construction
  • 3D shape cheek pads
  • Breath deflector
  • Safety visor locking system
  • R.A.F Racing air flow (Racing ventilation system)
  • Removable carbon fitting comfort
  • RAS - Racetrack aerodynamic spoiler
  • Pinlock® with adjustable pins
  • Racing check pads with increased or reduced thickness
  • Advanced NERS - Nolan Emergency Release System
  • Ultrawide visor with scratch resistant treatment on both inside and outside
  • Front, chin, and top ventilation system
  • Double-D retention system
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