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Yamalube Chain Cleaning Spray - 300ml

Yamalube Chain Cleaning Spray - 300ml

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Chains live a tough, dangerous and extremely stressful life! Road dust, grit and debris cling to the chain lubricant, creating a deadly ‘grinding paste’ that can considerably reduce the life of both the chain and the drive sprockets.
This quick and effective spray removes the dirt and heavy grease deposits while still protecting the O-rings and fighting corrosion for the future, and remember, a clean chain is a smoother-running chain.

Product Details:

  • Suitable for fast-running drive chains under high stress, on or off-road
  • Effective anti-corrosion additives that also increase wear resistance
  • Removes dirt, debris and old chain grease thrown from rim and swing-arm
  • O/X/Z ring compatibility
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