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Yamalube Mineral 10W40 Oil - 4 Litre

Yamalube Mineral 10W40 Oil - 4 Litre

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The ideal multi-purpose 4-stroke oil, formulated to perform and protect under all normal conditions, for sports, road and off-road bikes, trail machines, scooters, ATVs and quads. Available in 10W-40 grade for regular use. 

Product Deatils:

  • YAMALUBE M 4 10W40 60L
  • Suitable for separate or integrated gearboxes and wet clutches
  • Mineral oil but with synthetic base – less friction and longer engine life
  • High detergent and dispersive properties
  • Anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-foam
  • Optimum blend of high performance and value
  • Maximises acceleration and power delivery
  • Excellent all-round protection for engine, clutch and gearbox
  • JASO MA2 standard guarantees the perfect working of wet clutch and gearbox longevity
  • Suitable for: MC-On Road, MC-Off Road, Scooter 4-stroke, ATV
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