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Yamalube Weather Silicon Spray - 300ml

Yamalube Weather Silicon Spray - 300ml

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Engine parts often suffer loss of gloss as a result of the harsh conditions to which they are exposed and especially by the effect of fading sun. Yamalube® silicone spray restorer, refreshes the parts faded by the sun, while giving durable protection.

Product Details:

  • Ideal for grayed or bleached, painted or unpainted metal parts.
  • Sprays on engine block, frame, fork, fairing, side covers, rims...
  • Ideal for plastic or rubber parts
  • Sprays on covers, fenders, carbon or plastic parts, indicators, mirrors...
  • Note: For safety reasons avoid spraying silicone on tires, rotors and brake pads.
  • Never spray silicone directly on these areas. Apply the product near these areas with a cloth dampened in the spray.
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