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Yotsuba Meow 16" Electric Kids Balance Bike

Yotsuba Meow 16" Electric Kids Balance Bike

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​We developed a super light weight aluminum frame that has built in easily replaced Lithium-ion batteries and controller for this bike, as a “first bike” for kids. A great way to get your child started on 2 wheels. The Yotsuba Moto is a high quality Japanese designed kids E Bike.
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Key Features

Almost the same size as kick / run bikes.
Can be ridden by kids whose height is from 100cm or taller. 6 year olds – 12 year olds.

The bike does not have any sharp and rotating objects, like a disc brake rotor or a chain and sprocket as the motor is built in the rear hub.
Unique 3 axis crash sensor and steering dampening will help kid’s first ride.
Three speed settings which are chosen by you and locked with a key so little hands cant turn up the power. Speed adjustable – 7 kph, 13 kph or 21 kph

This electric bike’s weight is 12 kg. This weight is only 2 kg heavier in weight than a kids bicycle and only 1/4 weight of most 50cc kids bikes. Its weight is around 2/3 the weight of kid.
A heavy weight bike can make a rider feel scared and unsure when turning or on hills. Light weight design provides a more secure feeling and instills confidence to ride, enjoy the experience and to try different things. Easy to support, pickup and less injury when the occasional fall does happen.

This bike does not have uncontrollable excessive power or a heavy weight build.

​We developed a super light weight aluminium frame that has a built in easily replaced Lithium-ion battery and controller for this bike, as a “first bike” for kids. The Yotsuba Moto12 is a high quality Japanese designed kids E Bike.

Safety feature:
The motor stops automatically when bike has leant past a certainly angle. Power for the electric motor will be cut when tilted over by a 3-axis sensor

Little crashes and accidents are part of motorcycle riding, so cutting power to the motor is critical and will reduce the severity of the accident and will prevent both rider and other persons from being injured. After picking up the bike, the rider has to completely close the throttle to reset the controller. This ensures that the bike will not react to the throttle being accidentally opened whilst the bike is being picked up.

Small grip
Both the throttle grip (diameter is 19.1 mm) and brake lever have been specially designed for kids small hands. Control levers are thinner sizes than standard levers for ease of control with small hands.

Water resistance design
This is an off road bike so it can be rode through puddles and of course you can wash the bike with water.

This bike is designed for the rider to ride slow, at walking speed or faster.​ It all depends on the skill and confidence of the rider.

Sudden starts is an enemy for beginner kid riders. Specially programmed speed controller provides smooth starts.

You can select 3 different maximum speeds, from 6km/h : to 18km/h : 11mph with mo de selector switch. (Meow 16 can get maximum speed of up to 21km/h :13mph. )

It is difficult to achieve balance on the bike with slow speed, 6km/h : 3.7kmph speed is the same as fast waking speed of parents.

This speed make it easy for parents to follow the bike, great speed for kids to gain balance on the bike.

Even kids who can not use hand brake, can stop by the kid’s foot brake.

Built in hub motor – New motorcycle design!!!
This bike does not have a chain or sprockets, it uses built in hub motor on the rear wheel. This reduces pinching your finger or foot with the chain or sprockets. Not only for safety, but the heavy motor is close to ground to provide lower center of gravity and for riders to easily pick up this bike. Riders will have confidence to ride this bike even after falling down especially if they can pick this bike up by themselves.

Special lithium ion battery
Equipped with a powerful 24V 4.0 Ah lithium ion battery. When battery power is less than 1/3, an indicator light will flash. Kids can ride this bike from 0.5 hour up to 2 hours on a full charge. Charging port is located under the frame and takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the battery.

Note: Battery run time is a variable and will vary with weight of rider, how and where the bike is ridden and condition of the battery.

No petrol, No oil, No Noise, No burns - Just silent serious fun